Primary Sources

  • Laws
    • Chapter 667-Mortgage Foreclosures and Chapter 480E-Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act
      1. Hawaii Revised Statutes
        [KFH30 1993 A22
      2. Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated
        Michie’s [KFH30 A4]
        West’s [KFH30 A42]
  • Rules
  • Selected Forms
    1. American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, 2d
      [KF170 A54]
      Subject Heading: Mortgages – Foreclosures
    2. American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms
      [KF8836 A45]
      Subject Heading: Mortgages – Foreclosures

Secondary Sources

  • Encyclopedias
    1. American Jurisprudence, 2d
      [KF154 A42]
      Subject Heading: Mortgages
    2. Corpus Juris Secundum
      [KF154 C81]
      Subject Heading: Mortgages
  • Manuals
    • Hawai‘i
      1. Effective Mortgage Foreclosures Techniques in Hawaii
        [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 E34 2003]
      2. Foreclosure and Repossession
        [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 F78 2008]
        Available at: SCLL
      3. Hawaii Real Estate Law Manual
        [RefRm KFH126 H33]
        See Chapter 32 – Default and Bankruptcy
      4. Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program (MFDR)
        [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 H38]
      5. Real Property Foreclosure: A step-by-step Workshop
        [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 F79 2010]
        Available at: SCLL
    • General
      1. Law of Distressed Real Estate
        [KF1542 D91]
        A treatise designed for clients involved in various types of real estate issues including foreclosures.
        Available at: SCLL
      2. Powell on Real Property
        [KF570 P87]
        A treatise dealing with real estate issues. See Chapter 37 for the section on foreclosures.
        Available at: SCLL, 2d, 5th
      3. Real Estate Financing
        [KF570 R22]
        A title that covers various aspects of real estate financing, including foreclosures (see chapter 10.)
        Available at: SCLL
  • Finding Aids/Indexes
    1. Hawaii Digest
      [KFH57 H31]
      Topic: Key Numbers:
      Mortgages 266k320-590, 650
    2. LegalTrac
      Search subject term: Foreclosure
    3. Hawai‘i CARD Network
      Keyword: Foreclosure
  • Agencies & Organizations
    1. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    2. Federal Reserve
    3. Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection
      Under OCP Spotlight, click on “Mortgage Foreclosure Information”
  • Internet Resources
    1. Nolo
      From the Get Informed pull-down menu, select “Foreclosure”
    2. Findlaw
      Under “Learn About the Law,” click on “Real Estate”