Child Support

Primary Sources

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  2. Title 42, Chapter 7, Subchapter IV, Part D Child Support & Establishment of Paternity in:
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      Available at SCLL
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    Amended Child Support Guidelines (effective February 15, 2015)
    [DESK KFH104.8 A2]
    Available at SCLL
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    Pro Se Instructions for Appeals From the Administrative Orders of the Office of Child Support Hearings in the Family Court of the First Circuit State of Hawai‘i. 1994.
    [DESK KFH104.8 H29]
    Available at SCLL

Secondary Sources

  • Encyclopedias
    1. American Jurisprudence, 2d.
      [KF154 A42]
      Subject Heading: Divorce & Separation
    2. Corpus Juris Secundum
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      Subject Heading: Divorce
    3. Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law
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      Subject Heading: Family Law, Child Support/Custody
  • Manuals
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      Available at SCLL
    2. Hawai‘i Divorce Manual, edited by William C. Darrah, Hawai‘i State Bar Association, Family Law Section, 2000. [KFH100 H30 2000]
  • Finding Aids/Indexes
    1. Hawai‘i Digest [KFH57 H31] and Westlaw
      Topic: Child support
      Key Numbers: §§1-669, 76ek1-669
    2. Hawai‘i CARD Network (Select SCLL)
      Keywords: Child support, Divorce
    3. LegalTrac (electronic periodical index)
      Subject search terms: Child support-laws, regulations & rules; Support-domestic relations; Desertion & non-support-remedies
    4. American Law Reports [KF132 A47]
      Digest: Divorce and separation, Custody and support of children
  • Internet Resources
    1. Zimmerman’s Research Guide
      Look under the topic of “Family Law”
      From the Get Informed pull-down menu, select “Divorce & Family Law” link
  • Agencies & Organizations
    1. Judiciary Self-Help Center Info
    2. Department of the Attorney General Child Support Enforcement Agency
      601 Kamokila Boulevard, Suite 251
      Kapolei, HI 96707
      (808) 692-8265
      (888) 317-9081 (Neighbor Islands)
    3. Department of the Attorney General Office of Child Support Hearings
      601 Kamokila Boulevard, Suite 436
      Kapolei, HI 96707
      (808) 692-7110