Legal Research

Legal research databases or tools that are available to all via any internet connection have been linked below. Otherwise, access to resources listed on this page is only available on-site at all libraries of the Hawai‘i State Law Library System: Supreme Court Law Library – Oahu, 2nd Circuit – Maui, 3rd Circuit – Hilo, 3rd Circuit – Kona, and 5th Circuit – Kauai.

All users must comply with the Public Computer Use Policy and Guidelines.


  • Online catalog of the Hawai‘i State Law Library System.


  • Official information from all three branches of federal government.


  • Law Journal Library, Federal Register Library, Treaties and Agreements Library, U.S. Supreme Court Library

See Library Staff for login assistance.

  • Legal publications indexing, 1980-.

RIA Checkpoint

  • Comprehensive tax research source providing keyword searching for tax court decisions, tax court memorandum decisions, and IRS code sections, procedures, regulations, revenue rulings, private letter rulings. Includes RIA’s Federal Tax Coordinator and U.S. Federal Tax Reporter.

Michie’s Hawaii Primary Law & Shepard’s
See Library Staff for login assistance.

  • Michie’s: Hawaii Appellate Court Opinions 1847-, Hawaii Court Rules Annotated, Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated.
  • Shepard’s: Shepardize cases and statutes for all 50 states and all U.S. and federal jurisdictions.


  • Westlaw Primary Law Library, West’s Key Number System, KeyCite


  • Contains 64 treatise titles in various aspects of law, including Harper, James Gray on Torts, New Wigmore on Evidence, Practicing Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and more.